Yin Sleep is a Human3 Brand.

Human3 is a biotechnology lab focused on lifespan & human performance. We develop and launch biotechnology products that push the needle and are simple to implement into daily life.

Ali here, founder of Human3.

We developed Yin Sleep as a complete formula to optimize the most important aspects of sleep - REM Sleep + Deep Sleep.

REM Sleep is responsible for mental health, creativity, focus, and learning.

→ It's vital for for emotional regulation and mood stabilization, as it helps in processing emotions and stress.

→ It stimulates regions of the brain used in learning and developing new skills, making it essential for cognitive functions and creativity.

→ It enhances learning and memory processes by facilitating the consolidation of new information and experiences into long-term memory.

Deep Sleep is responsible for physical restoration, memory consolidation, and detoxing the brain.

→ Physical Restoration: It promotes tissue repair, muscle growth, and overall physical rejuvenation through the release of growth hormones.

→ Memory Consolidation: Deep sleep aids in consolidating declarative memories, which are facts and knowledge, contributing to improved learning and memory retention.

→ Detoxification of the Brain: This phase facilitates the removal of waste products from brain cells, essentially 'cleaning' the brain, which is vital for cognitive health and function.

We developed the formula to solve for two pain points we experienced:
1) Taking 5 different supplements for sleep is cumbersome, wasteful, and expensive. Much of the cost is wasted in packaging and shipping.

By creating a compound formula, we're able to reduce the cost of production and create an effective sleep aid at under $2/dose.

2) Almost all sleep formulas on the market contain ingredients that interfere with hormones or neurotransmitters, which creates contraindications.

We've specifically avoided the following ingredients, to create a hypereffective sleep formula that works for almost everyone:

→  Melatonin: Melatonin can be effective for certain uses cases (e.g. jetlag). But some studies indicate supplementing with melatonin may lead to negative effects on reproductive hormones, and chronic supplementation can reduce output of the adrenals, leading to anxiety and stress.

→  5HTP, L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root: all of these ingredients interact with the serotonin system, creating contraindications for people that are otherwise supplementing to balance serotonin in the brain

    While it's not a cure-all, the biggest benefit I see from Yin Sleep is that it reliably gives me a good night's sleep, every night.

    Even if I've followed poor sleep hygiene -- blue light, staying out late, didn't get enough sun during the day, ate late, had a glass of wine -- it ensures I get a decent amount of quality sleep so that the next day isn't completely compromised.

    - Ali Jang, Founder @ Human3